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  1. mary

    Nice blog! Keep on opening the minds of Filipinos for business.

    You’re right about saying one should work hard upon entering the business. Nothing’s an easy money scheme – even your job requires you to work hard. The difference here is that you have no boss nor deadlines, nor an 8hour-a-day labor, nor OTs or OTYs or late. All you have to do is spend as much time as you can in doing the business, know it well and attend trainings.

    I’m a Usana distributor. Good products keep the business moving.
    So in choosing which MLM you’re gonna join, CHOOSE WELL.


  2. Melvin

    This is a very wise and very good blog.

    In this way all people not just the Filipino but in the entire International community will be aware and well have knowledge what really is a Multilevel Marketing or Network Marketing Business. No matter what kind of business industry or business network flat form you belong, either an employer, employee, student, running a small family store, and other more.. -You should and must always work hard for it to achieve your goal. Achieving goals and dreams in life is not as easy as 123.. but instead is to work hard for it.

    The only thing that differ when working on a company as an employee is that you have a boss that always check for your work and time, while when you engage in MLM (Multilevel Marketing) or Network Marketing Business you are your own boss (you don’t have any boss) whatever success you achieve in these business is your own success not your boss or the owner of the company. Whatever you earn in this business is yours.

    I am a distributor of Alliance in Motion Global, Inc (AIM Global Inc).
    When you want to engage in Network Marketing business before you do sign-up for any, please chose wisely by verifying if it is a registered member of DSAP and MLMIA. If it is debt free and a duly tax payer company.

  3. reynan canonigo

    many claimers that their company is Number One but before believing them make sure that they are totally legal, and check these also

    -maraming COMPANIES na nalulugi dahil sa ang mga may-ari mismo mga BUSINESSMAN at hindi NETWORKERS! walang alam sa pagpapatakbo o ang pasikosikot sa negosyo! kailangan check nyo rin kung ilan na pinayaman para maging kapanipaniwala ang isang companya na sasalihan

    -make sure na ang products ay sulit na sulit, at UNIQUE at SUBRANG EFFECTIVE compare sa iba na makikita na lng at maaavail sa MARKET!

    -kailangan icheck nyo rin kung gaano kaeffective ang kitaan at gaano kalaki ang possible na kikitain bago sumalang sa isang companya!

  4. chris ponce

    Early this year, I got interested in multilevel marketing, since my home-based job cannot suffice or even meet our daily spendings, including the bills. So, I began searching the internet for an MLM company. I did not find any company that suit my lifestyle till now, but, instead, I became more aware on what to look for before joining an MLM. As the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines said, an MLM company should have a legitimate product that has a real world value. One should also investigate on the marketing plan of the company. Any commission that a distributor gets should come from the sales of the products and not from recruiting. I got interested in Vmobile since I am a prepaid subscriber myself. But, upon researching on the company, I became more skeptic about how the commission is earned by a Vmobile dealer. There’s nothing wrong with getting rich, but, to achieve wealth by just recruiting people to the network the way a pyramid scheme works is a no-no to me.

  5. paul

    The DSAP website is not even functional: http://dsap.ph/aboutus.html .Can it be an effective watchdog of the MLM industry in the Philippines

  6. denz

    nice to see that there are a lot of people who are open to mlm. We should all get involved in opening the minds of the Filipinos. Up to this time a lot of people do not understand the meaning of recruiting, in a traditional business the owner also recruits people to work for him, that is what you call leverage or multiplying yourself through others. That is not illegal. If recruiting in mlm was illegal then all of the big companies are also doing the same thing because of recruitment. Even in direct selling companies like avon also involve recruiting, there was never an avon millionaire who sold so much products by themselves, they had to create a team, and how? By recruiting! what we all should have is respect, if you think that mlm is not for you then fine. Nobody should put anyone’s source of income in a bad light. We just want to prosper financially like everybody else.

  7. teddybear

    Aside from the reasons why pinoys fail in MLM is the nature of MLM itself. It is a fact that only 2% make money in MLM and that is happening anywhere in the world not only in the Philippines. In addition, MLM usually have a pre-determined life span..
    Why? the reason is that MLM is destined to fail by its design. It continues to grow rapidly until they saturate the market and there are no body to recruit anymore and demand of the product is tiny compared the overpopulated number of distributors.
    Now why only 2%?
    ok, Lets make an example of the pyramid structure they use. to be simple lets say its only a 5 level pyramid and everyone has two downlines. The first level is the head so its only 1 its the founder and he earns most of the money. Level 2 there are two of them, they make money but not as much as the 1st level. Level three, its now 4 of them they represent the middle of the pyramid they only manage to break even what they invested. In level 4 numbers grow quickly to 16 and people now started to lose money. Level 5 the bottom of the pyramid, market is so saturated there are no one to recruit and no one to sell to and in this simple pyramid there are 32 of them. Now do the math, add up the levels that make money and do the same for those who don’t. Levels 1 and 2 only have 3 people, these are the ones that make money. In Levels 3, 4 and 5 has they have 52 people these are the ones who lose money.

    Now, does this make sense to you?

    I did peoples review on some of this MLM companies, see what they have to say, join the discussion..

  8. mike mikovich

    This is a very good article and look forward to reading more. I think People from the Phillipines get the concept of network marketing. They are a lot more open minded then most americans. Filipinos work very hard because they want to improve their quality of life. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work

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